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Habit Appliance What does it do?
Your Habit Appliance is specifically designed to help remind you to keep your tongue from coming forward when you swallow, and to remind you to keep any fingers or thumbs from entering your mouth.

How will it feel?
At first it will feel like a mouthful, but within a few weeks it will become comfortable.

What about eating?
Chewing may be awkward at first. You may want to stay with soft or even liquid foods for a day or two. But very soon you will be back to a normal diet.

How long will I wear it?
This will depend on the severity of your original problem and how quickly your habit corrects. The faster your habit corrects, the shorter the appliance will have to be in your mouth!

Other tips:

  • Don't play with the appliance with your fingers or flick it with your tongue.
  • Don't forget to brush your appliance every day.
  • Keep fingers, thumbs, pens and pencils out of your mouth.
  • When swallowing, place your tongue behind the metal prongs (against your palate). This helps the tongue assume a more favorable position.
  • Keep your lips together as much as possible, especially when swallowing and chewing.
  • Breathe through your nose.

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