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Frequently Asked Questions and Emergencies


  When will I get my braces off???? Frequently phrased, "How much longer do I have to wear these things??


Unfortunately, we can only estimate the length of time you will wear your braces. Outside influences sometimes effect your time schedule. Things such as growth and your cooperation with wearing headgears, rubber bands and removable appliances also determine the amount of time you will wear your braces.


  Will I get those marks on my teeth?


Those marks are caused by poor brushing habits. Leaving plaque on the teeth CAN lead to damage of the enamel. To review your brushing skills, we have on-line instructions.


  Does it hurt to get braces?


Generally speaking, putting the braces on your teeth does not hurt. However, it will take your mouth a few days to become accustomed to all the new "stuff". Your teeth may be sore for a couple of days after getting your braces. This soreness usually goes away after a couple of days.


  Can I chew gum?? My friend does!


Is your friend one of our patients? (We want to see if you will rat on your friend!) Just kidding. Of course, you will always have those patients who chew gum and eat other things not recommended. Chances are they will have more broken braces and problems than those patients who follow our suggested guidelines for eating.


  I won't wear my headgear to school! (oh, that wasn't in question form, was it!)


No, of course, we don't expect you to wear your headgear to school or while you are at the mall. We DO want you to wear your headgear the suggested amount of time. This may vary from patient to patient, but generally speaking, the suggested amount of time is 12-14 hours per day. That is, while you are sleeping and then making up the rest of the hours while you are in the house doing inside things...like surf the WEB!


  Will I get rubber bands?


This is again, is determined on a patient to patient basis. As you get further into treatment, we may have you wear rubber bands.




SOLUTION: If the bracket is still attached to the wire, leave it in place. If it is uncomfortable, cover with wax. If it comes out completely, bring it in with you to your next appointment. DO NOT CONNECT ELASTICS TO A LOOSE BRACKET. It is NOT necessary for you to come in unless you are in pain.




SOLUTION: Call us for an appointment. We will want to re-cement the band. DO NOT CONNECT a headgear or elastics to a loose band.


  EMERGENCY: One of the colored ties came off.


SOLUTION: This is NOT an emergency and you do NOT need to come in for an appointment UNLESS the missing tie is causing the wire to hurt you. If it does hurt, please call us.


  EMERGENCY: Soreness from braces.


SOLUTION: Rinse the mouth with warm salt water. If necessary, take the pain reliever that you would use for a headache or similar discomfort. It the pain does not go away after several days, please call us.


  EMERGENCY: My wire is out of the tube.


SOLUTION: Try to place the wire back into the tube with tweezers. Place was if uncomfortable, call us for an appointment.


  EMERGENCY: A steel tie wire is poking me, what should I do?


SOLUTION: Bend wire back with the eraser end of a pencil. If unsuccessful, cover with wax and call for an appointment.


  EMERGENCY: ACCIDENTS INVOLVING THE TEETH like hit in mouth with hockey stick, puck, basketball, fist.....


SOLUTION: Call us. We will want to see you.


  EMERGENCY: My headgear or appliance does not FIT!


SOLUTION: Call us. We will want to make necessary adjustments so that treatment time is not lost.



Extensive repairs may require an appointment during school hours. Please be careful with your braces!

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